Juvenile Probation in the Schools

Publication year: 1999  |  Cataloged on: Jun 22, 2011

The report discusses juvenile probation in the schools and describes several programs around the country that offer this service. According to the author, there exist both pros and cons in these programs. Having the probation officer in the school cuts a step from the juvenile delinquent's rehabilitation process -- i.e., he can go to school to be educated and reformed at the same time. The probation officer in the school can also develop a better rapport with delinquent kids than he could in a regular probation job. On the downside, however, probation officers in school might not be a sensible allocation of juvenile probation resources. Confidentiality, also, is sacrificed when a probation officer deals with his kids directly in the school. Aside from this, job roles are cloudy -- for instance, who disciplines the children? -- and having a probation officer on hand in the school may sweep a greater number of kids into the juvenile justice system.


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