Ten Things Every Juvenile Court Judge Should Know About Trauma and Delinquency

Publication year: 2010  |  Cataloged on: Nov 04, 2011

This report presents ten key concepts to explain how trauma affects youth in the juvenile justice system. Research shows that '...the majority of youth who develop a pattern of delinquent behaviors and experience subsequent juvenile court involvement have faced both serious adversities and traumatic experiences ', and also that '... youth who have multiple exposures to violence or victimization are at higher risk for mental health problems, behavioral problems, substance abuse, and delinquent behaviors.' [p. 2] The ten topics are: 1) defining trauma; 2) child trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); 3) impacts on health and development; 4) risk of delinquency; 5) effect on school performance; 6) effective trauma screening; 7) effective mental health treatments; 8) importance of family involvement; 9) promoting resiliency; and 10) building trauma-informed systems of care.


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