The Juvenile Probation Officer Initiative: Making A Tough Job A Little Easier

Publication year: 1991  |  Cataloged on: Dec 01, 2011

Juvenile probation officers are entrusted by their communities with dual responsibilities of caring for troubled youths and maintaining public safety. This is no small task, even under ideal conditions. A juvenile probation officer in a reasonably staffed office with adequate resources and a manageable caseload has a very difficult job. Consider, then, the plight of the juvenile probation officer with an absurdly large caseload, working in an understaffed office that is chronically short of even basic resources. A job that under normal circumstances is difficult becomes a job that is at best barely survivable. The Juvenile Probation Officer Initiative (JPOI) was established to increase professionalism in juvenile probation and, ultimately, to improve the administration of juvenile justice in the United States. This article was published in the February 1991 issue of Corrections Today.


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