The Juvenile Justice Professional's Guide to
Human Subjects Protection and the IRB Process
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Responsibilities of the Data Lending Agency
Responsibilies of the IRB
Data Lending Agency


Agencies that release youth data files must make every reasonable effort to ensure the security and confidentiality of personally identifiable youth information.

Youth data lending-agencies must provide the data recipients with policies, guidelines, and procedures that define their responsibilities for data security.

The responsibilities of the data-lending agency are to:
  • Institute policies, guidelines, and procedures that define the data recipients’ responsibilities for data security both during and after the research activity.

  • When applicable, utilize statistical disclosure limitation techniques that restrict the amount of information released to the recipient.

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures regarding the release of data files under highly controlled conditions or through restricted data access measures; recipients must uphold these requirements and justify their methods for doing so.

  • Require data recipients to submit a Privacy Certificate, a written certification of the policies and procedures that the recipient will utilize to protect the confidentiality of identifiable youth information in research and statistical activities; acceptance by the lending institution results in a legally binding agreement between the lending agency and the researcher.

  • Require data recipients to submit an Information Transfer Agreement prior to receipt of the requested data. The request for transfer of information describes the general objectives of the project and certifies that the recipient will comply with all provisions of the agreement relative to data access, non-allowances for re-transferring, re-disseminating or re-publishing information, physical security, project reporting, and physical destruction of data files after project completion.

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