The Juvenile Justice Professional's Guide to
Human Subjects Protection and the IRB Process
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Responsibilities of the Institution
Responsibilies of the IRB
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An institution whose employees conduct Federally funded research must establish one or more Institutional Review Boards or obtain access to an IRB from another institution to review and approve research involving human subjects conducted at its institution.

Juvenile justice institutions must ensure the protection of human research participants by requiring IRB oversight of all Federally supported research that involves human subjects.

The responsibilities of the institution are to:

  • Protect the rights and welfare of all human research participants.

  • Establish or obtain access to an IRB.

  • Ensure that all personnel are aware of and knowledgeable about institutional policies and mechanisms for the approval of research and for reporting problems with research projects in progress. Personnel involved in the conduct of research should receive additional training in institutional expectations and specific Federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to human subjects research.

  • Require additional safeguards for children, the cognitively impaired, and other vulnerable populations.

  • Ensure that all research involving human subjects complies with Federal, state, and local regulations.

Institutions Establishing an IRB
  • Acquire appropriate Federal Assurances and satisfy IRB certification requirements.

  • Prepare written procedures and guidelines for the IRB to follow when conducting its initial and continuing review of research and reporting its findings and actions to the investigator and the administration of the institution.

  • Designate a responsible official within the institution to oversee research and IRB functions and to ensure that the institution will effectively fulfill its research oversight function.

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