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Developing Coordinated Local Responses to Address the Needs of Ohio's Aging Population

Gregory Halemba, Hunter Hurst IV

This edition of Children, Families and the Courts: Ohio Bulletin examines a number of issues related to Aging services and providing a seamless cradle to grave family support system in Ohio. The newsletter opens with a summary of Ohio's state summit on Aging and provides examples of county innovations presented at the conference.


Ohio Family and Children First

Hunter Hurst

Ohio historically has led the way in integrating leadership and coordination of health, education, and social services for children and families. Since the early 1990s, Family and Children First Councils (FCFCs) in every Ohio county have provided the structure for energetic local leadership and collaboration, capacity development, seamless service coordination, and family empowerment and engagement. This issue of Children, Families and the Courts will provide some background on the history and activities of FCFCs, …


Ohio Family Courts

Hunter Hurst IV

This issue of the Ohio Children, Families and the Court Bulletin briefly examines Ohio's role in the birth and growth of the family court idea, places Ohio family courts in the current national context, characterizes the various types of family court approaches being taken across the state, and provides an in-depth look at innovative family courts in selected Ohio counties.


Ohio Summit On Children

Hunter Hurst IV

This edition of the Ohio Children, Families, and the Courts Bulletin briefly examines the Summit, highlights some of the planning tools developed for the conference and their online availability, summarizes detail reflected in counties' initial planning agendas, and categorizes the recommendations for state-level improvements. The bulletin concludes with the next steps for the local planning teams. [MORELINK]


Ohio's Child and Family Services Review

Rachael Lord

This edition of Children, Families and the Courts, Ohio Bulletin will present a national overview of the CFSR process, identifying the changes that have been made to the process as a result of state comment; briefly summarize Ohio's previous review and subsequent Program Improvement Plan (PIP); examine the schedule of events leading up to Ohio's 2008 CFSR; and, discuss Ohio current preparation efforts. [MORELINK]


Alternative Response

Carla Carpenter

This publication focuses on alternative response child protection models, examines the national data on alternative response structures, and reviews Ohio's implementation of an alternative response model. Efforts in Minnesota and Missouri are also discussed. [MORELINK]


Summary of the Ohio Court Improvement Reassessment; Recommendations for Improvement; and Court Initiatives Making Progress (Winter 2006)

Rachael Lord

This edition of the Ohio Bulletin reprints the Executive Summary of the Ohio State Court Improvement Program Reassessment and its recommendations... In addition, there is a section highlighting the three Ohio Model Court Sites..., which provides some history and current program information about the jurisdictions participating in the Model Court Project. And finally, a selection of several Ohio courts have been highlighted for their innovative case management practices on their dependency dockets.


Making Progress: Improving Representation in Juvenile and Family Law

Rachael Lord

This report focuses on concerns in Ohio about attorney representation for children and families, particularly practice standards, compensation and support services for attorneys, training programs in juvenile and family law, and law school recruitment programs. Several model programs are highlighted. [MORELINK]


Interstate Placements: Safeguarding Ohio's Children

Rachael Lord

This bulletin reviews the agreement among states on child welfare placement of children known as the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC); presents a former judge's opinions on the ICPC process; offers the history and a comparison of the 'old' and 'new' Compact provisions; lists provisions of recent federal and Ohio legislation on the issue; and shows graphical depictions of in-state and out-of-state placement data.


The Effect of MEPA-IEP Legislation in Ohio

Rachael Lord

This report discusses adoptions in Ohio under the requirements of the federal law called the Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994.

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