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Delinquency Cases in Juvenile Courts, 1997

Anne Stahl

This report offers information on delinquency cases in juvenile courts in 1997. Sections of the document discuss the following topics: counts and trends; gender; age; race; delinquency cases by most serious offense; detention; intake decision; waiver to criminal court; and adjudication and disposition.


Delinquency Cases in Juvenile Courts, 1996

Anne Stahl

Presents statistics on delinquency cases processed in juvenile courts in 1996. Juvenile courts in the United States processed an estimated 1.8 million delinquency cases in 1996. The number of delinquency cases handled by juvenile courts increased 49% between 1987 and 1996. Since 1987, the number of drug law violation cases increased 144%, person offense cases increased 100%, public order offense cases increased 58%, and property offense cases increased 23%. These estimates are based on data …


Delinquency Cases in Juvenile Courts, 1995

Anne Stahl

Presents statistics related to delinquency cases processed by U.S. juvenile courts in 1995. Includes information on detention, intake decision, waiver to criminal court, adjudication and disposition, gender, age and race of juvenile delinquents.

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