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Promising Practices Juvenile DV Diversion 2015

Gene Siegel, Gregg Halemba

This monograph (19 pages) describes the successful efforts of four jurisdictions to divert youth charged with domestic violence offenses from secure detention and formal processing in the juvenile court. The case studies address reforms in Pima County (Tucson) Arizona; DuPage County, Illinois; King County (Seattle) Washington; and the state of Florida. It also highlights efforts by the National Youth Screening and Assessment Project (NYSAP) and several study sites to pioneer a domestic violence screening …


Wyoming Children's Justice Project: Third District Court (Sweetwater County) Children's Justice Project: Three Years Later - Final Report

Gregory Halemba

In 2007, the Sweetwater Children’s Justice Project (CJP) invited the National Center for Juvenile Justice to conduct an initial analysis of the Third District Court’s juvenile court processing in child abuse and neglect cases, as well as to offer recommendations. This report is a three year follow-up from the initial 2008 report which highlighted strengths, potential areas for improvement, “best practices” recommendations, and analysis of Jcats Wyoming, a pilot of an automated dependency case tracking …


Delays in Youth Justice

Jeffrey Butts, Gretchen Ruth Cusick, Benjamin Adams

After reviewing the literature on court processing delays and the types of delay most characteristic of delinquency cases in juvenile and family courts, this study presents the results of three case studies of juvenile courts in the American Midwest, each of which used a different approach in reducing juvenile court delays. The three case studies - which were conducted in Hamilton County, OH; Kent County, MI.; and Peoria County, IL. - point to two …


The Importance of Timely Case Processing in Non-Detained Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Gregory Halemba, Gene Siegel

This Bulletin offers a number of examples of promising practices and programs that can help courts expedite case processing of non-detained delinquency cases, by far the largest group of cases referred to juvenile courts, and highlights emerging research that reconfirms the link between case processing delays and recurring court involvement.


Juvenile Court Statistics 2001-2002

Howard Snyder, Anne Stahl, Charles Puzzanchera, Anthony Sladky, Nancy Tierney, Terrence Finnegan

Published annually since 1926, Juvenile Court Statistics presents national estimates and detailed descriptions of the delinquency and status offense cases processed by juvenile courts. The text, figures, and tables describe the demographic characteristics of the juvenile's sources of referral, offenses, case processing characteristics, and case dispositions. Each report also contains an extensive listing of the volume of cases handled annually by individual jurisdictions.


A Vision, a Mission, and a Plan for Strategic Action in Washtenaw County, MI

Doug Thomas

This bulletin uses the experience of Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Trial Court Family Division - Juvenile Center to illustrate using strategic planning to achieve system reform. The agency embarked upon this process after being confronted with several challenges, including projected budget over-runs, lengthy case processing times, and case backlogs. After being guided in a 6-step strategic planning process, the agency succeeded in creating a new mission, establishing an enhanced continuum of services, clarifying its …


Nebraska State Court Improvement Project On-Site Technical Assistance Report: Automated Tracking of Juvenile Matters

Gregory Halemba

This report on an assessment of Nebraska juvenile court case management makes recommendations to improve tracking of juvenile matters, with special emphasis on abuse, neglect, and dependency cases, and consistent with federal and state guidelines for timely case processing. The author visited the State Court Administrators Office and met with the Information Management Services Department.


Youth Case Processing in the State of Wyoming: An Analysis of Four Counties - Report to the Wyoming Department of Family Services

Adrienne Freng, Carter Rees, Gene Siegel, Patricia Torbet, Hunter Hurst IV

This report analyzes four Wyoming counties regarding their youth case processing.


Juvenile Court Statistics 1998

Howard Snyder, Anne Stahl, Charles Puzzanchera, Nancy Tierney, Terrence Finnegan

The United States Juvenile Court plays a major role in the lives of many children by imposing appropriate sanctions on juvenile offenders and reforming youth by promoting accountability and responsibility. This report, prepared by the National Center for Juvenile Justice for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, profiles the 1.8 million delinquency cases handled by nearly 2,000 courts with jurisdictions over 71 percent of the juvenile population in 1998 …


The Impact of Model Court Reform in Arizona on the Processing of Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

Gregory Halemba, Gene Siegel, Rachael Dunn, Susanna Zawacki

Arizona juvenile courts have taken a series of steps over the past five years to improve the quality of timeliness of court proceedings in child abuse and neglect matters. These efforts encompass both procedural reforms to front-load the early hearing process as well as reforms that require a clearly demarcated permanency hearing and permanency determination process. A comparative analysis of the impact of these changes in four selected counties reveals that child abuse …

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