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Juvenile Delinquency Probation Caseload, 1988-1997

Meghan Scahill

This fact sheet offers information on juvenile delinquency probation caseload for the years 1988 through 1997.


Delinquency Cases Waived to Criminal Court, 1987-1996

Anne Stahl

Presents data from the National Juvenile Court Data Archive on cases transferred from juvenile court to criminal court via judicial waiver between 1987 and 1996. The profile of cases waived to criminal court changed considerably between 1987 and 1996. Prior to 1992, more property offense cases than person offense cases were waived. In 1996, although waived person offense cases (43 percent) still outnumbered property offense cases (37 percent), the gap had closed somewhat. From 1989 …


Juvenile Court Processing of Delinquency Cases, 1987-1996

Anne Stahl

Presents national data on delinquency cases processed by juvenile courts from 1987 through 1996. National estimates were generated using information from the National Juvenile Court Data Archive which gathered data from 1,800 jurisdictions containing 67 percent of the U.S. juvenile population. Analysis of data found that more than half of delinquency cases handled by juvenile courts in 1996 were formally processed, and the number of formally processed delinquency cases increased 78 percent between 1987 and …


Juvenile Arson, 1997

Howard Snyder

The two page Fact Sheet presents juvenile arson statistics for 1997. According to the report, half of all persons arrested for arson in 1997 were juveniles and three in every ten youth adjudicated for arson are placed in a residential facility.


Juvenile Court Statistics 1996

Howard Snyder, Melissa Sickmund, Anne Stahl, Nancy Tierney, Terrence Finnegan, Rowen Poole

This report, published in July 1999 by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and written by staff members from the National Center for Juvenile Justice, offers information about the juvenile court in 1996. According to the preface, 'This is the 70th report in the Juvenile Court Statistics series. It describes the delinquency and status offense cases handled between 1987 and 1996 by U.S. courts with juvenile jurisdiction. National estimates of …


Offenders in Juvenile Court, 1996

Anne Stahl

Presents findings from Juvenile Court Statistics 1996, the latest in a series of annual reports on cases handled by U.S. courts with juvenile jurisdiction. Although courts with juvenile jurisdiction handle a variety of cases, including abuse, neglect, adoption, and traffic violations, Juvenile Court Statistics reports focus on the disposition of delinquency cases and formally processed status offense cases.


Residential Placement of Adjudicated Youth, 1987-1996

Lynn Ryan-MacKenzie

This paper provides information (1987-1996) on the characteristics of adjudicated delinquency cases placed out of the home, the characteristics of adjudicated delinquents given residential placement, and residential placement by type of offender.


Juvenile Court Processing of Delinquency Cases, 1986-1995

Anne Stahl

Presents national data on delinquency cases processed by juvenile courts from 1986 through 1995. Between 1986 and 1995, the delinquency caseload of U.S. juvenile courts increased 45 percent. The number of cases formally processed by juvenile courts rose from 554,000 to 938,400 during this time period, while the number of cases handled informally (without a petition or court hearing) increased 24 percent. The largest relative changes were in formal processing of liquor law violation cases


Delinquency Cases in Juvenile Courts, 1996

Anne Stahl

Presents statistics on delinquency cases processed in juvenile courts in 1996. Juvenile courts in the United States processed an estimated 1.8 million delinquency cases in 1996. The number of delinquency cases handled by juvenile courts increased 49% between 1987 and 1996. Since 1987, the number of drug law violation cases increased 144%, person offense cases increased 100%, public order offense cases increased 58%, and property offense cases increased 23%. These estimates are based on data …


Juvenile Court Statistics 1995

Melissa Sickmund, Howard Snyder, Anne Stahl, Jeffrey Butts, Terrence Finnegan, Rowen Poole

The estimates were based on analyzes of approximately 876,000 automated case records and court-level statistics summarizing more than 176,800 additional cases, using information provided to the National Juvenile Court Data Archive by nearly 1,800 courts with jurisdiction over 67 percent of the juvenile population in 1995. The number of cases involving offenses against the person increased 98 percent between 1986 and 1995, while property offense cases increased 23 percent, drug law offense cases increased 120 …

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