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When Systems Collaborate: How Three Jurisdictions Improved their Handling of Dual-Status Cases

Douglas Thomas, Gene Siegel , Andrew Wachter , Teri Deal , Anne Rackow , Lauren Vessels, Gregg Halemba, Hunter Hurst

When Systems Collaborate (19 pages) provides case studies of three jurisdictions trying to coordinate information and services to youth with dual-status in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. The jurisdictions were selected based on a 50-state survey of efforts to coordinate data and services to dual status youth and selects examples that provide starting places for developing solutions on a complex reform issue. The first example focuses on delinquency referral intake …


Washtenaw County Trial Court Family Division/Juvenile Center On-Site Technical Assistance Report

Patrick Griffin, Gregory Halemba, Doug Thomas

This document reports on the results of a technical assistance project conducted by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, to conduct a site visit and review a number of operational areas in the Juvenile Center of the Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor), Michigan, Trial Court/Family Division. This report summarizes the general impressions formed, recommends improvements in several areas, and provides additional information and resources to help the Court in following those recommendations. Areas for improvement include: …


The Juvenile Probation Officer Initiative: Making A Tough Job A Little Easier

Doug Thomas

Juvenile probation officers are entrusted by their communities with dual responsibilities of caring for troubled youths and maintaining public safety. This is no small task, even under ideal conditions. A juvenile probation officer in a reasonably staffed office with adequate resources and a manageable caseload has a very difficult job. Consider, then, the plight of the juvenile probation officer with an absurdly large caseload, working in an understaffed office that is chronically …


The Good News: Measuring Juvenile Court Outcomes at Case Closing

Doug Thomas, Patrick Griffin

This report reviews how juvenile court case outcomes in Pennsylvania counties are being measured and reported.


Technical Assistance Site Visit to Lane County (Oregon) Department of Youth Services: Case Processing Decision Point Analysis - Final Report

Doug Thomas

This document reports on the results of a technical assistance project conducted by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, to analyze case flow decision points in juvenile court cases at the Lane County (Oregon) Department of Youth Services. The project included a site visit, telephone interviews and email surveys of key staff, analysis and presentation of findings at a department-wide workshop. The analysis and recommendations focused on the front end of the case flow process …


Summary Report of the Substance Abuse Screening Protocol for the Juvenile Courts

Doug Thomas

The National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) developed and tested an early identification and assessment substance abuse protocol designed for the juvenile courts. This is a summary of the project, which began with a pilot project in San Jose, California, to validate a short-form screening instrument, and continued with three phases of the full project: protocol development, protocol implementation, and analysis and evaluation. The manual from the short-form validation, and the second-phase protocol implementation …


State of Juvenile Probation 1992: Results of a Nationwide Survey

Doug Thomas

Summarizes survey responses of over 1,000 juvenile probation personnel from across the country on a wide range of issues relevant to the field. Topics include demographic characteristics, educational attainment, salary compensation and benefits, caseloads, satisfaction, safety, and probation officer perceptions.


On-Site Technical Assistance Report: Sedgwick County Juvenile Court, Wichita, Kansas

Hunter Hurst III, Doug Thomas

This document reports on the results of a three-day technical assistance site visit and case processing review, conducted by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, to recommend improvements in operations at the Sedgwick County (Wichita), Kansas, Juvenile Court. Recommendations were made involving case processing, docketing, and detention overcrowding.


National Survey of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers: Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment Networks -- Summary Report

Doug Thomas

This national survey of juvenile probation agencies was designed to reveal how juvenile courts and juvenile probation agencies may participate in integrated substance abuse networks designed to address the substance abuse problems of juvenile offenders. The purpose of the survey was to identify factors that affect the ability of juvenile courts to match juvenile court-involved youth with appropriate alcohol and other drug counseling and treatment resources in the community. NCJJ surveyed juvenile probation …


National Survey of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers: Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment Networks -- Final Report

Doug Thomas, Susanna Zawacki

The project described in this report was designed to advance the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's long-standing interest in establishing and maintaining multi-system, comprehensive community-based drug and alcohol treatment services for children and adolescents. Specifically the project addressed the availability of these services to juvenile court involved youth. A survey of juvenile probation departments produced data that described characteristics of juvenile probation departments vis-a-vis drug and alcohol treatments and that helped develop 'line of …

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