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The Relative Rate of Death in Juvenile Facilities

Howard Snyder, Melissa Sickmund

The authors use recent data to explore rates of fatal injuries in residential juvenile custody facilities.


Time in System and Length of Stay Statistics: Interactions Among and Interpretations of System Flow Measures

Howard Snyder

This report discusses various measures of time in custody within the juvenile justice system, and the interrelationships among different types of custody.


Too Soon to Tell: Deciphering Recent Trends in Youth Violence

Howard Snyder, Jeffrey Butts

Violent crime in the United States increased slightly between 2004 and 2005. After 10 years of declining crime, the rise in violence produced deep concern among elected officials and the public about a coming wave of youth crime. Yet crime remains at a 30-year low, according to this report. The report analyzed adult and juvenile arrest rates based on the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports.


Trends in the Murder of Juveniles: 1980-2000

Howard Snyder, Paul Harms

'This report presents data on the murders of juveniles between 1980 and 2000, based on national estimates developed from FBI supplementary homicide reports (SHR's) derived from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program.' [From NCJRS annotation]


Victims of Violent Juvenile Crime

Carl McCurley, Howard Snyder

This report analyzes the extent and nature of non-fatal violent victimizations committed by juvenile offenders, using 1997-1998 data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Incident-Based Reporting System.


Violence After School

Howard Snyder, Melissa Sickmund

Data from the Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report document the need for schools and communities to develop strategies for reducing juvenile violence during the hour just after students leave school.


Youngest Delinquents: Offenders Under Age 15

Howard Snyder, Jeffrey Butts

This OJJDP Bulletin draws on data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Juvenile Court Data Archive to track trends in youth crime.

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