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Functional Requirements for an Automated Case Tracking and Management Information System in the 26th Judicial District Juvenile Court

Patricia Torbet, Howard Snyder

Under an OJJDP grant, the National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) offered technical assistance on the functional requirements for an automated case tracking and management information system for the 26th Judicial District Juvenile Court (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.) The system was recommended to address problems such as pre-trial delays, and to provide efficiencies in many other areas of juvenile court management.


Domestic Assaults by Juvenile Offenders

Howard Snyder, Carl McCurley

Analyzes data reported to the FBI's National Incident-Based Reporting System by a large sample of law enforcement agencies from 30 States. This Bulletin offers a detailed portrait of the attributes of domestic assaults known to law enforcement. It distinguishes among various types of domestic assaults (i.e., sexual, aggravated, and simple assaults) and profiles the location of these crimes, the time of day when they occurred, and weapon involvement.


Court Careers of Juvenile Offenders

Howard Snyder

This study describes the prevalence, content and structure of juvenile court careers. The study analyzed the court careers of the 69,504 youth born between 1962 and 1965 who were processed by the Maricopa County (Phoenix) and Utah state juvenile courts. Chapter headings include: The need for court career research; sources of career data; youth with careers; the development of careers, career types; and conclusions. various tables of statistical data are included in the …


Co-Occurrence of Substance Use Behaviors in Youth

Howard Snyder, Carl McCurley

Examines the prevalence and overlap of substance-related behaviors among youth, making comparisons based on age group, gender, and race/ethnicity. Findings reported in this Bulletin are drawn from the first two stages of the 1997 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, which gathered self-reports from a nationally representative sample of youth ages 12-17 in 1997 and 1998. The data are derived from questions survey participants answered regarding their alcohol and drug use during the previous 30 days, …


Challenging the Myths

Howard Snyder, Melissa Sickmund

This document, published by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, takes a close look at the juvenile crime numbers and demonstrates that the predicted emergence of a new kind of violent youth is not supported by the most recent data. Alternative explanations are offered for recent trends in juvenile crime.


Arrests of Youth 1990

Howard N. Snyder

The 114,000 arrests of persons under the age of 18 for violent index offenses in 1990 represented the highest figure in more than 25 years. Youth violence, as indicated by arrest rates, was relatively constant between the mid-seventies and the mid-eighties, following a steady increase from the mid-sixties. A significant increase has occurred only in the past few years. Between 1989 and 1990, the number of youth arrests for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter increased 26 …


An Empirical Portrait of the Youth Reentry Population

Howard Snyder

Nearly 100,000 juvenile offenders are released annually from custody facilities following adjudication or conviction, arguably all candidates for reentry programs. Their numbers increased substantially over the 1990s. These youth have spent a great proportion of their teenage years in custody. Most are male, minority, and nonviolent offenders. About half lived primarily in a single-parent family while growing up. About one fourth has a sibling, and about one fourth has a father …


A Functional Requirements Analysis for an Automated Case Tracking and Management Information System in the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

Howard Snyder

This report, produced by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, provides an assessment and recommendations regarding case tracking and management information needs in the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

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