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Youth Violence: Gone Today - Here Tomorrow

Hunter Hurst III

In this brief opinion piece from Juvenile and Family Justice Today, Hurst makes the point that 'barring an unforeseeable turn of events, we are probably headed for another surge in criminal violence, especially by juveniles and young adults.'


Youth Case Processing in the State of Wyoming: An Analysis of Four Counties - Report to the Wyoming Department of Family Services

Adrienne Freng, Carter Rees, Gene Siegel, Patricia Torbet, Hunter Hurst IV

This report analyzes four Wyoming counties regarding their youth case processing.


Workload Measurement for Juvenile Justice System Personnel: Practices and Needs

Hunter Hurst III

This bulletin is part of a series intended to provide best practice guidance in support federal Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant (initially funded in 1998). The topic of the bulletin is approaches to measuring juvenile justice system personnel requirements. The author provides background to the issue and examples of current workload measurement approaches.


When Systems Collaborate: How Three Jurisdictions Improved their Handling of Dual-Status Cases

Douglas Thomas, Gene Siegel , Andrew Wachter , Teri Deal , Anne Rackow , Lauren Vessels, Gregg Halemba, Hunter Hurst

When Systems Collaborate (19 pages) provides case studies of three jurisdictions trying to coordinate information and services to youth with dual-status in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. The jurisdictions were selected based on a 50-state survey of efforts to coordinate data and services to dual status youth and selects examples that provide starting places for developing solutions on a complex reform issue. The first example focuses on delinquency referral intake …


The Times They Keep On A Changin'

Hunter Hurst III

Reflecting on a delinquency case handled while a probation officer, the author looks at society's changing standards for manhood.


The Philadelphia Family Court On-Site Recommendations and Report

Gene Siegel, Hunter Hurst IV

This report provides the results of an on-site family court assessment conducted in 2005 by the National Center for Juvenile Justice for the Philadelphia Family Court. The focus of the project was the Court's handling of child maltreatment cases. The Philadelphia Family Court was part of Pennsylvania's first Court Improvement Program assessment process in 1998,a series of court improvement assessments of its Model Dependency Court in 2000, and efforts to transfer selected procedures court wide …


Status Offenders: Where Have They Gone and Who Cares

Hunter Hurst III

This article discusses history and trends involved in the juvenile justice system's handling of status offenders.



Hunter Hurst III

This column looks at the return to the themes of rehabilitation and treatment in juvenile justice, and at the increase in crime committed by females.


Sheriffs I Have Known

Hunter Hurst III

The author remembers an interview with a county sheriff, which the sheriff used to gain public support for his operations' funding and improvements.


Shaping A New Order in the Court, A Sourcebook for Juvenile and Family Court Design

Hunter Hurst III

Provides useful and effective visions for designing juvenile and family court facilities based on existing design literature, perceptions of experienced advisers and consultants and the input of juvenile and family court facilities built in the last decade.

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