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Family Courts in the United States (1996)

Hunter Hurst IV

This brief report provides a summary of family court concepts and issues, and contains a map showing the states with a unified family court.


Families in Court for Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Hunter Hurst IV

This report discusses the coordination of efforts to combat child maltreatment and domestic violence, and a publication called Effective Intervention in Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines for Policy and Practice. It also describes the experience of Ohio communities that have implemented selected recommendations from the Guidelines.


Erie County (Erie, PA) Family Court On-Site Recommendations and Report

Hunter Hurst IV

This report provides the results of a three-day family court assessment conducted in 2005 by the National Center for Juvenile Justice for the Erie County (Erie, PA) Family Court. The focus of the project was the Court's handling of child maltreatment cases. Erie County was part of Pennsylvania's first Court Improvement Program assessment process in 1998, and recommendations made at that time for Erie County were reconsidered during this project. This report offers eleven …


Douglas County Separate Juvenile Court (Omaha, Nebraska): JCATS - Omaha Primer

Hunter Hurst IV, Gregory Halemba

This user manual, developed by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, explains how to use a dependency and neglect case tracking system developed for the Douglas County (Omaha, Nebraska) Separate Juvenile Court, called JCATS.


Developing Coordinated Local Responses to Address the Needs of Ohio's Aging Population

Gregory Halemba, Hunter Hurst IV

This edition of Children, Families and the Courts: Ohio Bulletin examines a number of issues related to Aging services and providing a seamless cradle to grave family support system in Ohio. The newsletter opens with a summary of Ohio's state summit on Aging and provides examples of county innovations presented at the conference.


Data Driven Decisions or Fantasies by the Number

Hunter Hurst III

This opinion article discusses the rise of data-driven decision making and the need to identify a sound method for risk classification among juvenile offenders.


Comparison of Juvenile Violent Crime Index Arrest Rates: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Versus Selected Other Counties

Melissa Sickmund, Charles Puzzanchera, Hunter Hurst IV

This is a brief statistical comparison of juvenile justice case flow, prepared by the National Center for Juvenile Justice at the request of the federal prosecutor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Collecting Data and Sharing Information to Improve School-Justice Partnerships

Andrew Wachter, Hunter Hurst IV, Teri Deal, Douglas Thomas

Juvenile courts nationwide handle cases referred by schools for truancy or behavioral incidents. Since 2012, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) has trained jurisdictions on strategies and policies to reduce the number of referrals to the juvenile justice system for school-based behaviors. The NCJFCJ has provided technical assistance to communities seeking to develop multidisciplinary teams to address school-justice issues, commonly referred to as School-Justice Partnerships (SJPs). A consistent lesson learned from …


Child Savers - Born Again

Hunter Hurst III

The author discusses the inadequacy of the IJA-ABA Joint Commission on Juvenile Justice's 1976 Standards, the adultification of juvenile offenders, and suggests that an adversarial process in juvenile justice is fundamentally unfair.



Hunter Hurst III

This opinion column discusses the issue of bullying among children and its link to adult crime and social misconduct.

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