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Annotated Bibliography: Child Abuse and Neglect Dependency Proceedings

National Center for Juvenile Justice

This is an annotated bibliography of almost 500 documents that address the issue of child abuse and neglect.


Manual for Developing a Substance Abuse Screening Protocol and Implementing the Client Substance Index-Short Form

National Center for Juvenile Justice

Designed to save juvenile courts the costs associated with purchasing and scoring a substance abuse screening instrument, NCJJ developed and tested a substance abuse screening protocol for juvenile court use, featuring a short form substance abuse screening instrument.


Fundamental Skills Training Curriculum for Juvenile Probation Officers

National Center for Juvenile Justice

This resource contains a number of lessons, exercises and materials making up a training curriculum for juvenile probation officers. The curriculum was designed for entry-level probation officers, but is also appropriate for veterans. With 15 individual lesson plans, designed to be presented in 40-hour, 5-day seminar format, constitute a survey course of good juvenile probation practice, and cover such matters as the juvenile justice system, the probation profession, cultural diversity, adolescence and delinquency, …


Pennsylvania Court Improvement Program Survey

National Center for Juvenile Justice

This is a survey form for research conducted by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, as part of a Pennsylvania Court Improvement Program Reassessment. The survey was distributed to various juvenile justice and child welfare professionals in the state, and asked 11 questions about dependency court abuse and neglect case management practices.

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