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Youth Case Processing in the State of Wyoming: An Analysis of Four Counties - Report to the Wyoming Department of Family Services

Adrienne Freng, Carter Rees, Gene Siegel, Patricia Torbet, Hunter Hurst IV

This report analyzes four Wyoming counties regarding their youth case processing.


Trying Juveniles as Adults in Criminal Court: An Analysis of State Transfer Provisions

Patricia Torbet, Linda Szymanski, Patrick Griffin

This report describes provisions by which juveniles are tried as adults in criminal court for serious/violent offenses in every state as of the end of the 1997 legislative session. It also describes statutory mechanisms for reverse waiver and those that permanently terminate juvenile court jurisdiction over juveniles previously tried or convicted as adults. An appendix provides a state by state summary of transfer provisions, as well as age offense criteria for each.


Street Gangs: A Review of the Research

Patricia Torbet

A brief summary of research findings to assist juvenile justice practitioners in their decision making on street gangs.


State Responses to Serious and Violent Juvenile Crime

Patricia Torbet

Analyzes state laws enacted during 1992-1995 to target serious and violent juvenile crime, including laws related to juvenile court jurisdictional authority and disposition options, corrections programming, confidentiality, and victims of juvenile crime.


State Legislative Responses to Violent Juvenile Crime 1996-1997 Update

Patricia Torbet, Linda Szymanski

Documents legislative changes for 1996 and 1997. Analyzes State laws enacted in 1996 and 1997 to target serious and violent juvenile crime. This Bulletin highlights trends concerning jurisdictional authority, judicial disposition/sentencing authority, corrections programming, confidentiality, and victims of juvenile crime. Seven tables are included.


Raising the Bar: Pennsylvania's Long-Term Strategy for Improving Delinquency Practice Statewide

Patricia Torbet, Patrick Griffin

Pennsylvania is engaged in an ambitious effort to build a "comprehensive model system" for identifying, appropriately diverting, and effectively serving and treating court-involved youth with behavioral health disorders. This issue of Pennsylvania Progress will describe all of these identified building blocks and the ongoing state and county efforts to cement them into day-to-day practice.


Probation USA

Patricia Torbet

This report gives a comprehensive but brief overview of the juvenile probation officer profession.


Plan for a State-Wide Juvenile Court Reporting System in Ohio - Recommendations of the Juvenile Data Definition Task Force

Gregory Halemba, Patricia Torbet

This booklet describes a plan developed by a task force for a state wide Juvenile Court Reporting System in Ohio. This plan was developed over seven months and four meetings with the assistance of the National Center for Juvenile Justice under a contract with the Supreme Court of Ohio. This plan 1) identifies the need for a system 2) provides an overview of the proposed state-wide reporting system 3) describes the pilot effort.


Performance Measurement in Juvenile Court Dependency Proceedings: Examples of Output Reporting for a Model Management Information System

Richard Gable, Patricia Torbet, Gregory Halemba

Provides selected examples of output reports designed to meet operational management, and research needs of the dependency function in juvenile court and a brief overview of important design considerations.


Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice System Goals

Patricia Torbet

This brochure outlines Pennsylvania's statutory juvenile justice system goals - community protection, offender accountability, and competency development. It also discusses the foundational White Papers, commissioned by the state, which explain each goal, present relevant research, and describe how the goal will be pursued. The White Papers themselves are available online from the National Center for Juvenile Justice.

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