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Aftercare Reform in Pennsylvania

Patricia Torbet

This article reviews the changes underway in Pennsylvania focused on providing appropriate aftercare to juveniles returning to the community from placement. Pennsylvania was designated the first state for the MacArthur Foundation's Models for Change initiative, which includes aftercare reform as a major goal.


Advancing Competency Development: A White Paper for Pennsylvania

Patricia Torbet, Doug Thomas

One of the fundamental purposes of Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system is to develop 'competencies' in delinquent youth. This report articulates basic principles and identifies research-support practices, outcomes and measures for competency development that conform to the Juvenile Act's language and purpose.


Advancing Community Protection: A White Paper for Pennsylvania

Patricia Torbet

This white paper is based on the belief that Pennsylvania citizens have a right to be and feel safe from crime. It recognizes that, for the most part, young people who commit crimes are not serious, violent or chronic offenders. It furthers a long-standing policy of making every effort to keep young offenders in their communities-or apply the least restrictive alternative to incarceration-so long as the risk they pose to the public's safety can be …


Advancing Accountability: Moving Toward Victim Restoration

Patricia Torbet, Melanie King, Valerie Bender

One of the goals of Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system is the 'imposition of accountability' for offenses committed. This White Paper takes the position that true accountability requires juvenile offenders to repair the harm caused by their offending behavior and to understand and acknowledge the wrongfulness of their actions, their responsibility for causing harm, and the impact of the crime on the crime victim and community. It identifies system responsibilities, restorative practices and outcomes relative to …


Addressing the Behavioral Health Needs of Court-Involved Youth

Patricia Torbet, Patrick Griffin, Susanna Zawacki

Pennsylvania is engaged in an ambitious effort to build a comprehensive model system for identifying, appropriately diverting, and effectively serving and treating court-involved youth with behavioral health disorders. This publication describes all of these identified building blocks, and the ongoing state and county efforts to cement them into day-to-day practice.


A Special Report on Juvenile Crack Dealers

Patricia Torbet

This monograph specifically addresses the ramification of street level dealing of crack by young inner-city males. It also addresses some of the issues facing juvenile courts and probation departments with respect to this problem.


(Original) Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice

Patricia Torbet, Melissa Sickmund

A widely influential desk reference and training resource, distributed to juvenile probation departments in virtually every county in America, it has served the field well as a comprehensive treatment of theory and practice of juvenile probation, a handy collection of standards and best practice information, and a text and starting point for a widely used fundamental skills training curriculum. The overview of the juvenile justice system presents a brief history of the juvenile justice system and …

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