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The New Rules

Patrick Griffin

This publication provides an overview of Pennsylvania's Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure for Delinquency Matters, which were officially adopted in April 2005 by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. These rules of juvenile court procedure will go into effect in stages, beginning in the fall of 2005. They will override all local court rules that govern juvenile justice practice and procedure. The rules simplify practice and procedure, provide uniformity, and reflect current practices of the majority …


The Good News: Measuring Juvenile Court Outcomes at Case Closing

Doug Thomas, Patrick Griffin

This report reviews how juvenile court case outcomes in Pennsylvania counties are being measured and reported.


The Current State of Juvenile Transfer Law, With Some Recommendations for Reform

Patrick Griffin

This article 'maps the landscape of laws governing the trial and sentencing of juveniles as adults, as of the beginning of 2009. It also explores what the data tell us -- and do not tell us -- about the volume and characteristics of youths who are being transferred under these laws. Finally, it calls attention to some ways in which transfer laws, from any point of view, stand in need of improvement and …


Ten Years of Balanced and Restorative Justice in Pennsylvania

Patrick Griffin

The author discusses the impact of Pennsylvania's Act 33 on the state's juvenile justice system, on the law's tenth anniversary. Act 33 amended the state Juvenile Act's 'purpose clause'. The amendment requires that legal interpretation and construction of the Act be done in a way that furthers the three goals of balanced and restorative justice: 'the protection of the community, the imposition of accountability for offenses committed and the development of competencies to …


Separate Tables: Interagency Information Sharing in Real Life

Patrick Griffin

This document talks about the outcome of a multidisciplinary working group convention held in Pittsburgh that recently drafted a memorandum of understanding on local interagency information sharing. Offered here is a detailed look at the way the various parties overcame their differences. This document is intended to be instructive to anyone engaged in a similar search for ways to streamline and simplify information exchange among a range of youth service agencies.


School Violence Prevention in Pennsylvania

Patrick Griffin

This issue of Pennsylvania Progress reports on the general problem of school violence and how School Resource Officers (law enforcement personnel within the schools) can help to prevent this recurring problem. School-based probation is also discussed, as are student assistance programs and safe schools grants.


Rethinking Juvenile Probation: The Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice Revisited

Patrick Griffin

This report discusses the original Desktop Guide after ten years, and presents revisions currently being considered by practitioners for a new edition.


Responding to Girls

Patrick Griffin, Valerie Bender

This report reviews Pennsylvania's efforts to increase the gender-responsiveness of the juvenile justice system. It sets out the state's goals in this area. The report highlights the results by gender of a mental health screening project involving juveniles admitted to detention in Pennsylvania between 2001 and 2005. Trauma histories are very common among female delinquents. In response, the state is developing a curriculum to respond to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among female delinquents; one county's pilot …


Raising the Bar: Pennsylvania's Long-Term Strategy for Improving Delinquency Practice Statewide

Patricia Torbet, Patrick Griffin

Pennsylvania is engaged in an ambitious effort to build a "comprehensive model system" for identifying, appropriately diverting, and effectively serving and treating court-involved youth with behavioral health disorders. This issue of Pennsylvania Progress will describe all of these identified building blocks and the ongoing state and county efforts to cement them into day-to-day practice.


Preparing Youth for Productive Futures

Patrick Griffin, Mary Hunninen

This issue of Pennsylvania Progress will describe the innovative work being done, in Philadelphia and elsewhere around the state, to equip delinquent youth with the knowledge and skills they need to make the transition to productive adult lives.

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