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School Pathways to the Juvenile Justice System Project: A Practice Guide

Teri Deal, Cheri Ely, Mimari Hall, Shawn Marsh, Wendy Schiller, Logan Yelderman

This practice guide provides thorough and thoughtful guidance on implementing judicially led collaborations to address “school pathways to the juvenile justice system.” It is the product of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges’ School Pathways to the Juvenile Justice System Project. This project is providing technical assistance from experts in the field of juvenile justice and supportive school discipline to 16 demonstration sites across the country interested in developing multi-system, judicially …


What is Continuous Quality Improvement

Anne Rackow, Teri Deal, Anne Fromknecht

NCJJ, a partner in OJJDP's State Training and Technical Assistance Center (STTAC), is pleased to announce a series of three briefs on Continuous Quality Improvement. These briefing papers describe the cyclical process of using data to assess performance, implementing improvement plans, and reassessing results and provide guidance to organizations wishing to engage in Continuous Quality Improvement practices.


When Systems Collaborate: How Three Jurisdictions Improved their Handling of Dual-Status Cases

Douglas Thomas, Gene Siegel , Andrew Wachter , Teri Deal , Anne Rackow , Lauren Vessels, Gregg Halemba, Hunter Hurst

When Systems Collaborate (19 pages) provides case studies of three jurisdictions trying to coordinate information and services to youth with dual-status in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. The jurisdictions were selected based on a 50-state survey of efforts to coordinate data and services to dual status youth and selects examples that provide starting places for developing solutions on a complex reform issue. The first example focuses on delinquency referral intake …

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