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Juvenile Court Property Cases

Ellen Nimick


Sample Juvenile Court Information System Output Reports

Ellen Nimick

These sample output reports are designed for use by local courts who are exploring the possible uses and value of an information system in the hope that they will assess additional informational needs of the court before the design phase is completed. Taken as a whole, they present a sample of data elements that are routinely collected by courts to support day-to-day functioning.


Juvenile Court Waiver: A Study of Juvenile Court Cases Transferred to Criminal Court

Ellen Nimick, Linda Szymanski, Howard Snyder

'To determine the characteristics of juvenile cases waived to adult courts and factors in waiver decisions, this study examined the automated court records of 552 juvenile courts in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia, yielding 127,162 petitioned delinquency cases for 1982.' [NCJRS annotation]


Juvenile Court Jurisdiction over Children's Conduct: 1982 Comparative Analysis of Juvenile & Family Codes and National Standards

John Hutzler, Ellen Nimick

This report, updated for 1982 statutory changes, offers a review of the terms 'delinquency' and 'status offense' in terms of the juvenile codes of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Tables are presented that compare the states and their individual use of these terms, as well as the statutory definitions from the text of each state provision.

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